Junk Removal and Donation

After an estate sale, there are often items left that need to be removed in order to sell the home or get it ready for a realtor to sell or rent. In this case, WE CAN HELP! We have cost effective ways to provide the removal of these unwanted items. We handle large projects.....and the small ones too. We try to re-use or re-purpose items instead of dumping everything in the landfill. We will try to buy those items back from you if they match our criteria to help offset the cost of the junk removal. If it is all junk and we can't buy anything, then we will donate as much as we can and provide donation receipts for your charitable contribution.

The amount of time and effort, money and energy you can SAVE by just using us to remove/donate the unwanted items will leave you with peace of mind and feeling better that the project is DONE! Those stressful "piles of stuff" that you have been living/working/stepping around are history.

Contact us today to relieve yourself of the burden of "too much stuff".